Rainbow 1978-07-02 Firecracker (Rising Arrow)

International Amphitheater
Chicago, IL

Rising Arrow (Rising Arrow-018)


Extracted to FLAC from original silvers via Easy CD Audio Converter.

01 Over The Rainbow
02 Kill The King
03 Mistreated
04 Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
05 Man On The Silver Mountain
06 Blues
07 Night People
08 Man On The Silver Mountain (Reprise)
09 Still I’m Sad
10 Beethoven 9th
11 David Stone Solo
12 Cozy Powell Solo – 1812 Overture
13 Still I’m Sad (Reprise)
14 Over The Rainbow

Artwork included.

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Originally shared by ‘J.B.’ / doom43 / dance1102 on PurpleHippies.com on 2017-12-17.

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