A Glimpse Into The Future…

I know that there is no way that any of the titles are visible in this photo–but I thought I would share this photo (from my phone) of the bootlegs that I have in my collection, that have not yet been shared here.

I wish there was a way for me to be faster in getting these ripped, scanned and posted here… But rest assured: I still have a lot more Deep Purple, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and DIO to share at PurpleHippies.com!

6 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into The Future…

  1. Thank You very very much for the great job. Great collection- Gracias por compartirla- The page is wonderful-Thanks again!

  2. Are these all silver cd`s you bought? Looks great, you must have spent a lot of money for that. Thank you for your generosity to share these recordings with us

  3. That is a fantastic collection… I’ll be checking this website with much more frequency. Thank you for sharing. Long Live Rock & Roll!!

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