Sharing Purple Hippies Sources On Other Sites/Mailing Lists

I noticed that a couple of the Black Sabbath bootleg rips (“Lonely Is The Word” and “Heaven And Hell In Spectrum”) from Purple Hippies were shared on DIME today.

I thought would take a moment to state my “policy” on sharing my bootleg rips elsewhere. It is very simple: Feel free to share these bootlegs anywhere!!

Quite seriously, it makes me happy to see the bootlegs I share here reach a larger audience.

I do not require that credit be given to me or Nor am I fussy about preserving lineage information (I.e. that EZ CD Audio Converter was used to rip the CDs/CD-Rs). Both are nice to do, but I am ok either way.

To repeat: Feel free to share these bootlegs anywhere!! I am glad to have these bootlegs be shared in other forums, where they can reach a larger audience.

One thought on “Sharing Purple Hippies Sources On Other Sites/Mailing Lists

  1. First of all, thanks for the Sabbath flood! It is appreciated. I am always curious for the next bootlegs you’ll share. Exciting.

    Second, thanks for talking about your personal sharing and re-upload policy. Mine is exactly the same, except in one respect: I do think that re-uploaders should keep the original information intact if possible (except in cases where the original info is misleading of course). The person who recently re-upped two of your Sabbath rips on Dime removed the original text files and added a new (and obviously false) transfer lineage: “Silvers > dbCDripper > Flac”, probably in order to make it look like they ripped the files from the silvers themselves. The FLAC files, however, are identical to yours (identical FFP fingerprints, they just changed the tags), same goes for the artwork scans (identical MD5 fingerprints). If you don’t mind, that’s of course fine, but personally I don’t find that acceptable, so I just pointed out in a comment to each of the two shows on Dime what happened and asked why. You’re doing tremendous work here, combined with a generosity that is hard to beat. I think the least people can do is show some respect.

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