The Future — 2019

Just a few comments about my plans for “Purple Hippies” in 2019:

  • The primary focus will continue to be Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath; I still have a significant collection of new bootlegs to share here
  • I have a (growing) collection of Blackmore’s Night, DIO, and Heaven And Hell bootlegs which I will be posting.
  • I am also planning to share new bootlegs of Whitesnake, (solo) Ozzy Osbourne, and Michael Schenker (and his various bands).

Early in the new year, I will post some photos of the collections of bootlegs that are “in the queue” for posting in 2019…

4 thoughts on “The Future — 2019

  1. Happy new year! I am looking forward to those photos and especially to any Sabbath show you will upload. 🙂 Thank you very much again!

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