“Us And Them”

Most of my focus is on sharing rips of commercial bootlegs that I, *personally*, own… Often, I admit, I am tempted to say, that I am *only* going to share such bootlegs (those I actually own). But, as soon as I think that, I realize that there are bootlegs that I would still like to share here, that I’ve downloaded from other sites.

You will always be able to distinguish between bootlegs which I own, vs. ones where I am reposting. First, bootlegs are I own are categorized as part of “My Personal Collection”. Second, bootlegs which I own include the text ‘Shared by “J.B.” / doom43 / dance1102 on https://PurpleHippies.com‘ in the post.

Equally, I am not really fussed about whether someone else has already shared the bootlegs that I own. If I am sharing something categorized as part of “My Personal Collection”, it is in fact, a fresh rip&scan from a bootleg I actually own. Where someone else has already shared such bootlegs, my post may simply be a duplicate of what is available elsewhere, or perhaps an “upgrade” of artwork, for a bootleg available elsewhere. (But, to reiterate, anything categorized as part of “My Personal Collection” is a fresh rip from CDs which I own.)

[I guess I should also state that I have not edited the bootlegs I am sharing in any way.]

Lastly, I would like to state (again), my “policy” on sharing my bootlegs on other sites: you are *absolutely* welcome to do so. I don’t place any requirements on sharing my sources elesewhere. It is nice if you preserve the information on lineage (and credit my site)–but is certainly not “required”.

2 thoughts on ““Us And Them”

  1. Many thanx for your efforts.I downloaded a few of the boots here before on other sites,but I have to thank you for tagging every track.Not to forget the good scans.Thats not usual.Happy New Year to you and the followers here.

  2. Thank you very much again. You’re doing amazing work here. I am mainly interested in Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Dio, but everything you post is appreciated. About 3/4 or 2/3 of the bootlegs you are sharing I already have at least copies of, but nevertheless I download them all, because in my cases the copies I have either don’t include good artwork scans, or the audio files are rips of CDR(x) copies of the original bootleg rather than rips of the original bootleg itself. Thus, for me your uploads are upgrades (in some way or other) in many cases.

    As for your sharing/re-upload policy, you are very generous, and I love that. Anyway, the one thing that I have seen happening with some of your rips that I really find unacceptable is the guy who took two of your Sabbath and many DP rips (incl. your artwork scans, but minus your info text files) and re-uploaded them elsewhere with false transfer lineage, explicitly claiming he ripped the files from CD himself. I know he doesn’t violate your very generous rules by doing that; but for me, by explicitly lying about the lineage he has gone one step too far. I have reported him and will continue to do so if he doesn’t stop. At the same time, many of your rips have already been properly (with correct lineage etc.) re-upped elsewhere, and I know that many people are appreciating what you do!

    I wish you a happy new year!


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