Black Sabbath 1975-08-05 Live Longest… Die At Last – Definitive Edition (Zodiac)

Black Sabbath
Convention Hall
Asbury Park, New Jersey

Live Longest… Die At Last
Definitive Edition
Zodiac 305


Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Supertzar
102 Killing Yourself To Live
103 Hole In The Sky
104 Snowblind
105 Symptom Of The Universe
106 War Pigs
107 Megalomania
201 Sabbra Cadabra
202 Band Jam
203 Guitar Solo 1
204 Sometimes I’m Happy
205 Drums Solo
206 Supernaut
207 Iron Man
208 Orchid – Guitar Solo 2
209 Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor Jam
210 Guitar Solo 3 – Don’t Start (Too Late)
211 Black Sabbath
212 Spiral Architect
213 Embryo – Children Of The Grave
214 MC
215 Paranoid

Artwork included.

Download from FileFactory:…%20Die%20At%20Last%20-%20Definitive%20Edition%20%28Zodiac%29.rar


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9 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1975-08-05 Live Longest… Die At Last – Definitive Edition (Zodiac)

  1. Thanks, this sounds great!!! It’s so much better than the 13 remaster. But why are the channel swapped? Tony’s guitar is on the left channel…

  2. Thanks, this sounds better than the official “Past Lives”! And there has just a new version of this been released: Black Sabbath / Live Longest Die At Last 2020 Remaster / 2CD/ Zodiac 424. It never stops… 🙂

  3. I’m listening to the newest edition: Live Longest… Die at Last 2020 Remaster (Zodiac 424) and it has a clearer mix than the definitive edition (Zodiac 305).

  4. Thanks for sharing!! Think the version I’ve had for a while is from 2014 – definitely interested to hear how this one compares!

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