Black Sabbath 1992-08-09 Definitive Boston 1992 (Zodiac)

Black Sabbath
Orpheum Theatre

Definitive Boston 1992
Zodiac 045


Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

FM Broadcast
101 Radio Intro
102 E5150
103 The Mob Rules
104 Computer God
105 Children Of The Sea
106 Time Machine
107 War Pigs
108 I
109 Die Young
110 Guitar Solo
111 Black Sabbath
201 Master Of Insanity
202 After All (The Dead)
203 Drums Solo
204 Iron Man
205 Heaven And Hell
206 Announcer Encore Break
207 Neon Knights
208 Paranoid – Heaven And Hell (Reprise)
209 Radio Outro
210 Laguna Sunrise (Outro)

Pre-FM Master
301 E5150
302 The Mob Rules
303 Computer God
304 Children Of The Sea
305 Time Machine
306 War Pigs
307 I
308 Die Young
309 Guitar Solo
310 Black Sabbath
401 Master Of Insanity
402 After All (The Dead)
403 Drums Solo
404 Iron Man
405 Heaven And Hell
406 Neon Knights
407 Paranoid – Heaven And Hell (Reprise)
408 Laguna Sunrise (Outro)

Artwork included.

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16 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1992-08-09 Definitive Boston 1992 (Zodiac)

    1. Not any longer! Since last week there is a new release on Zodiac: Black Sabbath – Definitive Boston 1992: Pre-FM Master (Zodiac 403) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA on August 9th, 1992.

      1. I’ve ordered the new Zodiac release. Will post when it arrives.

      2. I have this 4 disc edition (Zodiac 045) that you posted here on silver discs and I’m going to order the new one asap. To me this is the best Black Sabbath live album with Dio and the prospect of hearing an even better version of this makes me all excited! After all, this release is already 7 years old and I only listen to the pre-Fm master, so a 2cd suits me better…

        Still waiting on the new remastered version of Dehumaniser, which Wendy Dio spoke of months ago. But I don’t count on it that it will contain a second disc with songs of this show.

      3. Interesting! I am crossing fingers this will not just be another pseudo-“master” as in the case of e.g. the Cal Jam bootleg. I am curious to hear it.

      4. An extract from the releasenotes translated from Japanese with Google Translation:

        The main press 2CD is a live album that symbolizes Ronnie James Dio in the 90’s. It is a super-master board that has updated the highest peak with a stereo sound board that boasts the same or higher value as the official work.

        This show was broadcast on “WESTWOOD ONE” and has produced a variety of existing games, but this work is the highest board. This is a refined version of the pre-FM master, which was also very popular as a 4-disc set “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992 (of DISC 3-4)”. Those who know the 4-disc set may think that there is no room for upgrade to the sound that was in the official class even in the official class, but the precise treatment exceeded the imagination. In fact, its quality is amazing. The main difference is dynamism, but of course I haven’t earned any sound pressure. For bass, for example, the bass and bass drums interfere with each other to organize the range and improve separation and separation, further expanding the range to the deep bass. On the other hand, if it is a high-pitched tone, the contour is clear and the stretch is improved in the last range where the texture does not change, and it is also extended to a higher range. As a result, the graininess of the bass became clearer and the streets of the vocal were improved. Of course, each of them is a fine adjustment, but the fine stacking has greatly improved the sharpness of the four guitar, bass, drums and vocals naturally.

      5. @Mark Metalrockx:
        Thank you for posting an excerpt of that new “Definitive Boston 1992: Pre-FM Master” bootleg’s description. The decisive sentence is the following one: ‘This is a refined version of the pre-FM master, which was also very popular as a 4-disc set “DEFINITIVE BOSTON 1992 (of DISC 3-4)”.’ So it’s just another remaster of the exact same recording we got on the earlier Zodiac “Definitive Boston 1992” bootleg, which in turn was a mostly digitally identical copy of Langley’s “Class of 1992” with just a few little clicks and flaws fixed; “Class of 1992”, in turn, is a remastered copy of Leonid’s 1st gen tape transfer. Accordingly, the use of the term “master” in the release notes is misleading at best. Obviously, release notes are mostly promotion, which also shows in the way they describe the new remaster. Actually, Leonid’s 1st gen tape transfer already sounds great as it is and doesn’t need much mastering in the first place. Remastering an existing remaster (which apparently is what they did in case of the new silver) is strongly advised against by any remastering engineer I have met – especially when there’s no need for it at all because a more or less raw tape transfer exists (and is widely accessible) as in this case (plus, in this case, that tape transfer sounds so good one might well dispute the need to remaster it in the first place, beyond maybe fixing the few clicks it contains).
        Nonetheless, I am, as usual, of course curious for the new release. I just want to avoid overreaching expectations: this bootleg will not present us with a new source, but with just another version of the well-known source that has been freely available on the internet for 15 years.
        @A Purple Hippie: Great to hear you got and will post it. Many thanks as always!

      6. Thanks Linda, I think I better listen first in order to avoid disapointment. After all, this 4-disc edition wasn’t cheap. My supplier hasn’t got the new release yet, so I watch out for the post here…

      7. It is disappointing that so many of the recent Zodiac bootlegs are recycled from their earlier releases, or taken directly from (very recent) sources uploaded at DIME.

      8. Just to clarify, I have “pre-ordered” the new bootleg from one of my suppliers, but it has not been shipped yet. It could be 2-3 weeks before I actually have this. (Though once it ships, it is often in my hands within 48 hours!)

    2. @A Purple Hippie: I fully agree with you. I don’t know about other bands, but with Zodiac’s Sabbath bootlegs, what you describe is already the norm: they mostly “recycle” Dime uploads or existing bootlegs, excellent-sounding ones but some of them with lossy lineage or crudely denoised. They always claim they’re from “master” even if they clearly aren’t. There are several exceptions, some of them spectacular: The Eternal Idol Instrumental Demos and The Eternal Idol Working Tracks which were previously unreleased and entirely unknown recordings, Milan 1990 which was the first time that a complete copy of the Dies Irae source surfaced, Definitive Buer which was the first time that a digital transfer straight from the master tape was released, and the FM portion of the Definitive Boston 1992 bootleg uploaded here which, unlike the pre-FM portion, was a significant upgrade. I wish they would focus more on projects of that kind, rather than throwing umpteen allegedly “Definitive…” versions at us without providing any substantial improvement. The goodies tend to get lost in all the mediocracy. Which is the shame, because those goodies are really damn good. Rant over. 🙂

  1. Outstanding quality – been looking for one from this tour and this was right on the money.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these with us. Very much appreciated!!!

    1. This is the best recording from that tour, and one of the best Sabbath live recordings ever IMO.

  2. Many thanks for this, but also for sharing all your great music here, so kind and much appreciated…looking forward to hearing this show…cheers…Steve UK

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