Mega Links Are Dead

Sadly, all mega links on my site have been suspended.

I will try to provide a second file sharing platform soon, for those who have difficulty with FileFactory.

13 thoughts on “Mega Links Are Dead

  1. MEGA worked really well (3-4MB/sec DL as a free user). FileFactory are “paid” platforms with high restrictions for non-Premium users…Can you try some GoogleDrive clouds?

  2. It kinda sucks that all MEGA links were deleted. None of those releases weren’t official…I wonder if any bootleg label have made an report on your account….

    1. Good point, Robert R. Quite possible.

      Doom43, I am very sorry to hear your Mega uploads were all suspended. For me the FF link have worked perfectly too, and I am not registered with them. Actually the FF links you posted download a 100 times faster for me than other people’s FF links, I don’t know why. I doubt that Google Drive is an alternative, otherwise more people who share bootlegs would use it, and hardly anyone of them seems to do. Anyway, I hope you’ll find a good alternative to Mega.

  3. Or maybe you should encrypt the name of the .rar file on MEGA links in the future. Like don’t include name of the band, album etc. in the filename. For example:
    Deep Purple 1987-03-03 Wembley 1987 (Darker Than Blue).rar could be like this:

    1. Problem is, the people responsible are likely reading this and following the posts on this site, so whatever link, however encrypted etc., is posted here, will easily be reported again.

      1. True….well, we could only wait for alternate good host for future uploads.
        I cross fingers LittleWing! All the best!
        Maybe you should find a host that would benefit you for each download. That way we would be a little thankful and helpful for all your uploads!

  4. Thanks Linda and Robert for the suggestions and support. I know which bootlegs were reported. I believe that the person(s) responsible for reporting them reads the blog, opened the mega links, and reported the bootlegs.

    The bootlegs reported (five in total) were from different labels: 1-2 bootlegs each from 4 or 5 different labels. None of the bootlegs reported would violate DIME rules if I posted them there–with possible exception that one of the bootlegs was lossy sourced ;)…

    The author of the “Rock Anthology” blog used to use 4 digit file names for his archive files. I considered that, when I started getting “take down notices” from Mega. But I don’t think it would help, since the reports almost certainly come from someone reading this blog.

    Also, one bootleg that I know of was also reported on FileFactory. FileFactory doesn’t send notices to its customers, so I don’t know if other bootlegs have been reported.

  5. I pay for “data packs” on FileFactory, which should be what causes my file shares there to download faster, for anyone, not just paid-premium members.

  6. Thank God I visit your site few times a day and I can DL right after posting.

    I hope this will be sorted out in short period of time and you won’t have any problems in the future!

  7. After a little investigation, I now understand what happened. The reports of 5 bootlegs to both and FileFactory were indeed triggered by “reading” my blog–not scanning for files on mega’s or FileFactory’s clouds. But it was not a human reader of the blog, it was a pair of companies that do web scraping and data mining/analysis to identify potential copyright infringement. The reports to were something that is an automated response when their tools detect a suspect file. These companies do this on behalf of paying clients.

    There is a pattern. I do not believe it was a bootleg company behind this. The reports are tied to two specific bands, whether the bands themselves, their management or official record label(s).

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