A Preview of my Rainbow bootleg collection…

For those who are interested, here is a quick preview of the Rainbow bootlegs I have not yet posted… My apologies for the glare in many of the photos. Hopefully much of this is still clear enough to give an idea of what is still to come!

13 thoughts on “A Preview of my Rainbow bootleg collection…

  1. Wonderful bootlegs!!!!—Gracias por compartir la mejor música del mundo. Abrazos y bendiciones.

  2. Incredible! Looking forward to seeing the DP preview. Love all the artwork. I have over 2000 Rush boots (all digital sadly), but i have a folder on my pc that has all the artworks, love just browsing through them.

  3. Phenomenal…..you have pure gold in your hands….golden Rainbow boots….i’m thrilled to get these amazing stuff…..you’re damn lucky my friend ! Congratulations ! and keep your fantastic work here for all Rainbow’s fans

  4. Very impressive, thank you. I remember at some point you posted similar photos of your Sabbath collection. That post, however, is gone. Would you mind posting the Sabbath photos again? Thank you!

  5. Wow! Totally amazing collection. Reminds me of record store I visited in Malmö in Sweden some years ago. That guy had tons of japanese bootleg releases. Never seen anything like it before or after.

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