A Pause in New Uploads

Just to let everyone know, I will take a few days off from new postings of bootlegs. I am going to be working to clean up and remove the (now dead) mega.nz links on the site. As well, I will be checking for dead FileFactory links. I know of at least two bootlegs that were also taken down by FileFactory.

There will also be a new naming convention for the .rar files. The files names will be four digit numbers, with the “.rar” suffix. This is an experiment, and one that I am skeptical will actually help. But we’ll see. The new naming convention will apply to new uploads only (including replacing “removed files”).

I have just replaced a file that had been taken down by FileFactory, with a new .rar file following this convention. And now I wait and see what happens to the new link over the course of the next two weeks.

4 thoughts on “A Pause in New Uploads

  1. Thanks. If the removed links are the result of some robot thing, I am wondering if it might help to use some loop-way secure link tool for future uploads. I don’t know how it is properly called, it’s hyperlinks that when you click them lead you first to some other site where you find the download link.

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