New Arrivals…

New additions to my collection arrived in my mailbox today! The two Black Sabbath sets are new releases from Zodiac. The Deep Purple Philadelphia 1991 set is a new Darker Than Blue release. The DIO Gothenburg 1984 set is also a new release (from Shades).

Among the Michael Schenker bootlegs are three 2018 shows from Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

I will begin posting these in the near future.

11 thoughts on “New Arrivals…

  1. Great to see the 3 Michael Schenker Fest titles from XAVEL ! Thank you so much for sharing and posting.

    1. Sorry disappoint… These are the Shades releases. I am looking for the XAVEL, but haven’t been successful yet.

      1. I did not realize Shades had released those 2018 MS Fest shows. I picked up the first show on the Sylph label and another show on the Alexander AKA Metal Hammer label. Metal Hammer released all 6 shows. I saw the XAVEL releases about 2 weeks after I ordered the Sylph and Metal Hammer releases.

  2. I’m sorta surprised that this many bootlegs are still being released on CD. I’m pleased you are getting them and sharing them with us…

    1. I am pretty sure bootleg CDs will be available as long as there are enough people willing to buy them. 🙂

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