Black Sabbath 1970-04-29 Lausanne 1970 (Lost And Found)

Black Sabbath
Electric Circus
Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne 1970
Lost And Found (LAF 2238)

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 Introduction
02 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
03 War Pigs
04 Fairies Wear Boots
05 The Blue Coast Man
06 N.I.B.
07 Black Sabbath

Frankfurt, Germany
08 War Pigs
09 Iron Man

KB Hallen
Copenhagen, Denmark
10 Wicked World

Artwork included.

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15 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1970-04-29 Lausanne 1970 (Lost And Found)

  1. Sadly–though it is certainly not surprising from Lost And Found–the Lausanne tracks are lossy-sourced.

    1. I ripped the bootleg directly to FLAC (and those are the files in the download) and then tested the files with Traders Little Helper. The result of TLH is that the tracks are likely MPEG sourced. Hence my comment. I know that the TLH test may not be accurate, and also, I am not an expert—I have not tried to check a spectrograph.

      1. Great, thank you! Any chance that you might send them to me so I can run some tests myself? I am a member on Dimeadozen, The Trader’s Den, Deep Purple Hub, Zomb and SHNFLAC, how about we message each other at one of those places? Let me know… Thanks again…

  2. For everyone’s info: Harrison was kind enough to send me a CD-rip of the recent, more complete Top Gear silver release of this show. I checked, and regrettably they are lossy-sourced as well. Another copy from Andy Watson’s Youtube upload. Many thanks, Harrison, it is appreciated!

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