Deep Purple 1985-05-14 Thrill Of The Chase (Darker Than Blue)

Deep Purple
Tokyo, Japan

Thrill Of The Chase
Darker Than Blue (DTB 095/096)

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Intro
102 Highway Star
103 Nobody’s Home
104 Strange Kind Of Woman
105 Blues
106 A Gypsy’s Kiss
107 Perfect Strangers
108 Under The Gun
109 Lazy – Drum Solo
110 Child In Time
201 Knockin’ At Your Back Door
202 Difficult To Cure
203 Keyboard Solo
204 Space Truckin’
205 Woman From Tokyo
206 Black Night
207 Smoke On The Water

Artwork included.

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2 thoughts on “Deep Purple 1985-05-14 Thrill Of The Chase (Darker Than Blue)

  1. Amazing Darker Than Blue….as always. Problably the best 80’s boot in terms of quality and the band performance….really inspiring. Insane improvisation on Difficult to Cure and Child in Time…

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