Heaven And Hell 2008-08-30 One Hell Of A Show (no label)

Heaven And Hell
Glen Helen Pavilion
San Bernardino, CA

One Hell Of A Show
no label


NTSC DVD extracted to VIDEO_TS via WinX DVD Copy Pro

01 E5150
02 The Mob Rules
03 Children Of The Sea
04 I
05 The Sign Of The Southern Cross
06 Drum Solo
07 Time Machine
08 Falling Off The Edge Of The World
09 Die Young
10 Heaven And Hell
11 Neon Knights

Artwork included.

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6 thoughts on “Heaven And Hell 2008-08-30 One Hell Of A Show (no label)

  1. Wow! Thanks for this classic show. This is the next to last performance of Sign of the Southern Cross. Last being the following night in Mountain View, CA.

  2. Somehow I forgot to download this, and now the link does not work anymore. Any chance for a re-upload? Take your time though. Thanks and best!

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