Black Sabbath 1970-12-19 Olympia 1970 (no label)

Black Sabbath
Olympia Theatre
Paris, France

Olympia 1970
no label

Pro-shot NTSC DVD extracted to VIDEO_TS via WinX DVD Copy Pro

01 Tune Up #1
02 Paranoid
03 Hand Of Doom
04 Rat Salad
05 Iron Man
06 Black Sabbath
07 Tune Up #2
08 N.I.B.
09 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
10 War Pigs
11 Fairies Wear Boots

Artwork included.

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6 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1970-12-19 Olympia 1970 (no label)

  1. Hi,
    somehow this got lost from my hard drive, and now the download link is dead. Any chance for a fresh link? That would be awesome. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    On another note, duttka is right in pointing out that the true city and date is Brussels, 3rd October. All alleged Paris 1970 bootlegs are mislabeled.

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