Deep Purple 1991-01-29 Wicked Night (no label)

Deep Purple
Palac Kultury A Sprotu
Ostrava, Czechoslovakia

Wicked Night
no label

Pro-shot NTSC DVD extracted to VIDEO_TS via WinX DVD Copy Pro

01 Intro
02 Burn
03 Black Night – Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
04 Truth Hurts
05 The Cut Runs Deep
06 Perfect Strangers
07 Fire In The Basement
08 King Of Dreams
09 Love Conquers All
10 Difficult To Cure
11 Jon Lord Solo
12 Knockin’ At Your Back Door
13 Lazy
14 Wicked Ways
15 Highway Star
16 Smoke On The Water – Woman From Tokyo

Artwork included.

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4 thoughts on “Deep Purple 1991-01-29 Wicked Night (no label)

  1. thanks as always for these great shares. fyi, i have this one listed as 1991-02-04, and your copy matches the one i had…and the Feb 4 date also matches the recordings shared on perfect-purple.


  2. UPDATE: it appears that the show was *originally* scheduled for Jan 29 but was postponed to Feb 4.

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