Whitesnake 1983-03-19 Loaded Gun (Power Gate)

Friedrich Ebert Halle
Ludwigshafen, Germany

Loaded Gun
Power Gate-250

Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
102 Rough An’ Ready
103 Ready An’ Willing
104 Don’t Break My Heart Again
105 Here I Go Again
106 Lovehunter – Colim Hodgkinson and Micky Moody Solo
201 Crying In The Rain – Mel Galley Guitar Solo
202 Soldier Of Fortune
203 Jon Lord Keyboard Solo
204 Cozy Powell Drum Solo – 633 Squadron – 1812 Overture
205 Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
206 Fool For Your Loving
207 Thank You
208 Wine, Women An’ Song
209 We Wish You Well

Artwork included.

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