About The Recent Black Sabbath Poll

I have “hidden” the poll, but I thought I would share the results from the poll.

poll results

I cannot, of course, conjure more bootlegs out of thin air… But I do have more Ronnie James Dio era Sabbath to share, and there are more bootlegs I can acquire (primarily from 1992).

It is very useful to know that 1970s Sabbath is of interest to many people. That is an era for which I do not yet own many bootlegs, but where there are a lot that I can still acquire.

I do really enjoy the Tony Martin period. So, like it or not, you will see a lot more Tony Martin here 🙂

I have to say, it was no surprise to see that the post Tony Martin-era is the least interesting to my audience!

5 thoughts on “About The Recent Black Sabbath Poll

  1. Thanks! What I find remarkable – given the very bad shape of Glenn’s voice back then – is that the Hughes/Gillen era scores relatively high; actually higher than the Gillan era. This either means that people are very generous with Glenn or very big fans of Ray, or both. 🙂 I love both their voices very much, but on the 7th Star Tour, Glenn was clearly having a horrible time, while Ray’s singing was just stunning.
    The Gillan era was a mixed bag IMO – Ian he was in pretty fine form during much of the 1983 part of the tour, but he really did bad at the 1984 shows.

  2. Tony Martin would have placed 2nd for me after Dio. Growing up listening to Deep Purple, I could not accept a Gillan fronted “Purple Sabbath.” It just didn’t sound right to me. As for Ozzy, let’s face it, he hasn’t been able to sing for over 20 years, he just mumbles and talks some of the words. Also, his arrogant refusal to sing any songs by Dio or Martin confirm that he couldn’t do them any justice.

  3. 80’s era Sabbath is great. Gillen and Martin in particular. I just wish that Gillen hadn’t left the band when he did. Headless Cross and Tyr would be awesome with him. As Linda said Gillen’s voice is just stunning. I only listen his version of Eternal Idol.
    Let not forget Jeff Fenholt. He is also an awesome singer.

  4. 80’s era BS is great. Gillen and Martin’s era’s in particular. Let’s not forget Jeff Fenholt. He’s an awesome singer too.
    Gillen was amazing, his voice was beautiful. I wish he hadn’t left the band when he did. If he had stayed he would have sang Headless Cross and Tyr. That would be beyond words performance.

  5. Tony Martin is definitely underrated. Commercially probably that era was a disappointment. Artistically, I thought that was a damn fine time. Obviously, Cozy Powell and Geoff Nicholls also played a fine role during those years.

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