The Current Request Queue…

I have fallen sick this week… So no posts for a couple of more days.

I just want to acknowledge the requests in my queue:

  • DIO – California Trilogy 1983 (Shades)
  • DIO – Hammersmith Trilogy (Shades)
  • Ozzy Osbourne Soundboard Masters Vol. 1 & 2 (Zodiac)

At the risk of being overwhelmed by more requests, feel free to add additional requests in the comments. (Keep in mind, I am sick, so there will be a delay in responding.)

Please make *specific* requests. Not something like “any Rainbow from the 1980s” 😉

16 thoughts on “The Current Request Queue…

  1. Take it easy, friend! -First is the health, I hope you get better soon. I’ve always wanted to get the Rainbow show “No release In Virginia”—contains 21-02-1981 in Richmond & Alexandra, VA 22-02-1981. Thanks you very much!!!

  2. All the best for you! I hope you get better very soon! 🤧 I have one Request:

    Rainbow – Munich 1977 Original Japanese Broadcast (1 DVD)

    Maybe you have this? 🤗

    1. Not sure if I have that specific release. But I do have a bootleg DVD of that show.

      1. I also appreciate your other Release from this show! 🤗 But first get well soon!

  3. Dear J.B.
    I´ve got no request for you, just say thank you for your efforts sharing music.
    Get well soon.
    Greetings from Argentina

  4. Please get well soon. Adding to the tremendous amount you already share is the last thing to worry about.

    Thank You for such generosity.

  5. Take care and thank you many thousands times for sharing such historic and priceless collection of magic music bt these giants musicians…….you’re work is such historic and priceless too…..and if you could:

    RAINBOW – DOWN TO UK – UK 29th February 1980 & Brigton Center, Brighton, UK, 4th March 1980. (SHADES)……


  6. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have shared with us.
    When you are up to it, here are a “few” requests:

    DIO 1997-04-04 Colorado Springs, CO
    DIO 2002-06-15 Burgettstown, PA
    Black Sabbath 1971-10-10 Honolulu, HI
    Black Sabbath 1975-08-22 Chicago, IL
    Black Sabbath 1976-08-24 Dallas, TX
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-17 Sudbury, ON
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-20 Montreal, QC
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-21 Ottawa, ON
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-24 Bethlehem, PA
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-25 Glen Falls, NY
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-27 Pittsburg, PA
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-28 Toledo, OH
    Black Sabbath 1981-11-29 Columbus, OH
    Black Sabbath 1981-12-09 Louisville, KY
    Black Sabbath 1982-04-29 Calgary, AB
    Black Sabbath 1982-05-05 Casper, WY
    Black Sabbath 1986-03-18 Kalamazoo, MI
    Black Sabbath 1990-11-28 Scherwin, Germany
    Black Sabbath 1992-09-04 Manchester, UK
    Black Sabbath 1992-11-10 Mesa, AZ
    Black Sabbath 1994-05-27 Salzburg, Austria
    Black Sabbath 1994-09-01 Santiago Chile
    Black Sabbath 1995-11-16 Seoul, Korea
    Black Sabbath 1995-12-12 Singapore
    Black Sabbath 1995-12-14 Bangkok, Thailand
    Black Sabbath 2016-04-25 Brisbane, Australia

  7. Always thank you for your uploads.Get well soon!!
    My request:Rainbow-Down to New Jersey DVD,
    Whitesnake-Monsters of Rock 1983 DVD.

  8. Always thank you for your uploads, Get well soon!!
    My Request: Rainbow – Down to New Jersey DVD
    Whitesnake – Monsters of Rock 1983 DVD

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