Black Sabbath 1986-04-18 Maximum Ray Gillen Years (no label)

Black Sabbath
Maximum Ray Gillen Years
no label (BR-001)

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

Hemisfair Park Arena
San Antonio, Texas
01 The Mob Rules
02 Danger Zone
03 War Pigs
04 Heart Like A Wheel
05 Symptom Of The Universe – Sweet Leaf
06 Black Sabbath
07 Neon Knights

The Eternal Idol Demo Sessions Without Guitar Solos
08 Eternal Idol
09 Born To Lose
10 Lost Forever
11 Nightmare
12 Hard Life To Live
13 Glory Ride
14 Ancient Warrior
15 The Shining

Artwork included.

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7 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1986-04-18 Maximum Ray Gillen Years (no label)

  1. Ah, my favorite Sabbath singer of all. Killer. If only he stayed and sang on Headless Cross, that would be awesome. thank you very much !!!!!

    1. @marietto: Good years in what respect? It was an absolutely chaotic time for “the band” that basically consisted of Iommi and Nicholls and a perpetually changing pool of other musicians: numerous line-up changes, an Iommi solo album they were forced by the record company to be labeled as a Black Sabbath album, and a singer with a broken voice due to an injury from the beginning of the tour who thus had to replaced mid-tour by a great singer who would finish the tour but then leave shortly before the next album (after many more line-up changes) was finished.

      This is a great recording, but it was an absolutely terrible time for “the band”.

  2. Wonderful…another Ray Gillen gem!…big cheers and also a very big thank you for sharing all these shows, it is much appreciated…BIG THUMBS UP from Gateshead:)

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