Black Sabbath 1990-09-05&08 Tyr U.K. (Shades)

Black Sabbath
Tyr U.K.
Shades 087

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original commerical CD-Rs via EZ CD Audio Converter

Corn Exchange
Cambridge, UK
101 Ave Satani – The Gates Of Hell
102 Neon Knights
103 Iron Man
104 Children Of The Grave
105 Headless Cross
106 When Death Calls
107 War Pigs
108 The Shining
109 Bass Solo
110 Heart Like A Wheel
111 Guitar Solo – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
112 The Law Maker
113 Drums Solo – Mars, The Bringer Of War
201 Sign Of The Southern Cross
202 Black Sabbath
203 Guitar Intro – Die Young
204 Heaven And Hell
205 Paranoid – Heaven And Hell (Reprise)

Hammersmith Odeon
London, UK
301 Ave Satani – The Gates Of Hell
302 Neon Knights
303 Iron Man
304 Children Of The Grave
305 Anno Mundi
306 Headless Cross
307 When Death Calls
308 War Pigs
309 The Shining
310 Bass Solo
311 Heart Like A Wheel
312 Guitar Solo – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
401 The Law Maker
402 Drums Solo – Mars, The Bringer Of War
403 Sign Of The Southern Cross
404 Guitar Intro
405 Die Young
406 Heaven And Hell
407 Paranoid – Heaven And Hell (Reprise)
408 Black Sabbath

Artwork included.

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11 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1990-09-05&08 Tyr U.K. (Shades)

  1. For Linda (and others working on the Sabbath Dimers Project (SDP):
    I also have the following:
    1990-10-20 St. Wendel 1990 (Shades)
    1989-09-09&29 Europe Crossing (Lost And Found)

    I will post these soon.

    I also plan to order the following:
    1989-09-09&10 Two Nights In London 1989 (Lost And Found)
    1990-10-20&22 German Lawmaker (Lost And Found)
    1990-11-01 Tyr Amsterdam (DVD-R) (no label)

    1. Thank you for these much appreciated Tyr shows! If only someone could find the elusive 1990-11-28 Scherwin, Germany concert…..

      1. Ah, Schwerin 1990, the show with the sensational set list…
        Honestly, I believe that set list is simply based on someone’s incorrect memories. Someone went to that show in 1990 and wrote that entry on at least about 15 years later. I went to a Sabbath show in 1995, I am a huge fan, I know all their songs, and still I couldn’t remember the exact set list two weeks later. Moreover, Sabbath are known for playing the exact same setlist for at least a while; whenever they play additional stuff, it was not towards the end, but at the beginning of a tour. Finally, a recording from that show hasn’t ever even be rumoured about. There’s more than enough real Sabbath recordings to dream of; I think there’s no need to dream of recordings that are 99% likely to not exist at all. 😉
        But of course I HOPE I am wrong. 😉

      2. @Linda, I agree. It would be the holy grail of Tony Martin’s Phase I era. I often suspect such “dream” line-ups are concocted to whet our appetites for something which is unattainable. Try finding a live version of “Turn Up the Night” outside the 1981 Canadian sessions (only 2 of 5 I’ve been able to find). Yet Setlist shows the song being played at 9 other venues: Of those, the Providence gig is the only one I have found and it definitely doesn’t have TUtN on it.

      3. The only live recordings of Turn up the Night that I have and know of are Quebec, Toronto, Montreal, and Bethlehem, all November 1981. I have two different audience sources from the Providence show and none of them includes TutN. What we know based on the recordings in circulation is that the song was dropped from the setlist sometime between the 1981-11-24 Bethlehem and the 1981-12-03 Largo show – so the other (unrecorded or uncirculated) November dates listed on are plausible, while all others are at least unlikely.

      4. Thanks for all your replies. I have only been able to find the Quebec and Toronto shows and they sound really crappy. Are the Montreal and Bethlehem renditions any better? If so, do you have any idea where could I acquire them?

      5. No, both Bethlehem and Montreal ’81 actually sound worse than Toronto and Quebec. The best-sounding copy I have is a speed-corrected 1st gen tape transfer of the Toronto ’81 show. Are you a member on Dime or TTD or the Deep Purple Hub so we could write PMs?

  2. Thank you very much, it is appreciated! Very nice of you to even leave us a message. 🙂

    And the 1992 Dehumanizer SDP is forthcoming, of course. 😉 But basically, as you know, any Sabbath bootleg (especially from 1969 through 1995) is very welcome.

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