A Checkpoint…

I consider Purple Hippies to be “my calling”, and this will continue to be my focus. PurpleHippies.com is a true ‘labor of love’.

The “real world” has not permitted me, post-vacation, to post with the same frequency as I would like (and as I have done in this past). But I will continue to post here, as I have time. And I am trying to make more time available to work on posting here.

At this point, I consider both “ZOSO.me” and “SpinsterBootlegs.com” to be ‘on hold’. I do have a significant number of commercial bootlegs relevant to these sites–and I will eventually post that material somewhere (whether on a blog, at DIME, or Guitars101)…

I have previously announced a Pink Floyd-focused collaboration. That project has long since died. I admit, I do my best work “solo” — the attempt at working with a group simple did not work out.

One last note: when I first began Purple Hippies, it is true, I posted a good deal of material that I had downloaded from other sites. But at this point, I would like to state explicitly, that going forward, I will only be posting bootlegs here which I physically own. I appreciate the offers from others to share bootlegs with me, but I really feel that the value of my site is in its focus on sharing only bootlegs which I actually own.

4 thoughts on “A Checkpoint…

  1. I always marvel at the time and effort that you obviously put into posting all this material. From my own experience I know how, unfortunately, the real world intrudes on my hobbies, like collecting Deep Purple and family live recordings. Occasionally, that makes me restless, feeling I need to do more. In the end, though, I know that this is only fun if it’s fun, if that makes sense. So, whatever you do is fine with me. I’m eternally grateful to you for the material you have given me and others access to. Take your time and do what’s best for you.

  2. I thank you, in truth, for all the effort, time and resources you invest to send us so many excellent recordings.
    Every day is exciting to know that you will share us.
    Take care, please.

  3. Thank you for the time you dedicate to this site and that at the same time makes us very happy. regards

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