Just a few comments:

  1. I am currently working on posting Black Sabbath Europe Crossing (Lost And Found) — a pair of 1989 concerts. (I’ve been doing other things this weekend — see later comment — and so haven’t finished this yet ;))
  2. Multiple people have requested various Ozzy bootlegs (especially the two Zodiac SBD bootlegs)… I will bump these up in my queue — and work on posting them later this week.
  3. I have acquired six XAVEL Michael Schenker bootlegs, which I think are new, compared to what is already available on DIME/Guitars101.
  4. Sometimes when I am quiet, it is because I am working on downloading additions to my own personal music collection from other sites… Right now, I am adding to my Rush collection! (Which also means — that is what I am listening to right now…) This has nothing to do with my blogging — I am just a long time Prog Rock fan.

And don’t worry — I will be back here soon with new posts!

3 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. Hi, we spoke by 101 pm over the weekend regarding Rush, don’t think I mentioned that there are 2 groups on FB that I’m involved with that share bootlegs if you’re interested. Rushboots and Limelight Bootlegs, 100’s of shows on them both and good for requests, all lossless of course.

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