Rainbow 1983-09-15 Definitive Cardiff 1983 (Darker Than Blue)

St. David’s Hall
Cardiff, Wales, UK

Definitive Cardiff 1983
Darker Than Blue (DTB 169/170/171/172)

Audience and FM broadcast recordings

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

Audience source
101 Over The Rainbow
102 Spotlight Kid
103 Miss Mistreated
104 Fool For The Night
105 I Surrender
106 Can’t Happen Here
107 Catch The Rainbow
108 Lazy Intro
109 Drinking With The Devil
110 Difficult To Cure
111 Bass Solo
112 Keyboard Solo
113 Difficult To Cure (Reprise)
114 Guitar Solo
115 Drum Solo
201 Power
202 Blues
203 Stargazer
204 Stranded
205 Death Alley Driver
206 Fire Dance
207 Rule Britannia
208 All Night Long
209 Maybe Next Time
210 Since You Been Gone
211 Woman From Tokyo – Smoke On The Water Intro
212 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
213 Hey Joe
214 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise)

FM broadcast source
301 Over The Rainbow
302 Spotlight Kid
303 Miss Mistreated
304 Fool For The Night
305 I Surrender
306 Can’t Happen Here
307 Catch The Rainbow
308 Lazy Intro
309 Drinking With The Devil
310 Difficult To Cure
311 Bass Solo
312 Keyboard Solo
313 Difficult To Cure (Reprise)
314 Guitar Solo
315 Drum Solo
401 Power
402 Blues
403 Stargazer
404 Stranded
405 Death Alley Driver
406 Fire Dance
407 Rule Britannia
408 All Night Long
409 Maybe Next Time
410 Since You Been Gone
411 Woman From Tokyo – Smoke On The Water Intro
412 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
413 Hey Joe
414 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise)

Artwork included.

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13 thoughts on “Rainbow 1983-09-15 Definitive Cardiff 1983 (Darker Than Blue)

  1. Thanks!
    I shared audience version couple of years ago on Perfect Purple. I guess they took it and at least shared it with correct date. For ages, this FM broadcast was dated as first Cardiff night (14th Sept)

  2. Let’s see how definitive this is as I have the radio show LPs. It’s a bit sad to see that official archive releases concerning Rainbow and Deep Purple (at least featuring the man in black) have basically stopped. I know for a fact that the two Cardiff shows are available in full in record company archives. Instead we get dubious 1979 releases, apparently licensed by R.B. It’s been a mess these past few years. All the more thank you for your invaluable services!

    1. @Yeoman: Any chance to share the radio show LPs on FLAC, maybe even beats the Bootleg “Captured Live Revised” in sound quality. Would be awsome !

  3. I really appreciate every single upload that is happening here. My personal hobby is to get from every date the best possible Bootleg talking about sound.

    From this date (1983-09-15) I prefere the Bootleg “Captured Live Revised”.

    In many cases thanks to this site, I could upgrade some older Bootlegs – Thanks !

  4. @Yeoman:

    I supose you have that VINYL:

    The CD from the VINYL is:

    A CD Remaster/upgrade exists:

    I think the “definitive” version is “Captured Live Revised”, surely based on the Radio show LPs but with sound “remastered”.

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