DIO 1983-12-04&1984-08-25 We Rock – Complete The CD (no label)

1983-12-04 & 1984-08-25

We Rock – Complete The CD
no label

Soundboard Recordings

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

Muziekcentrum Vredenburg
Utrecht, The Netherlands
101 Intro
102 Stand Up And Shout
103 Straight Through The Heart
104 Shame On The Night
105 Children Of The Sea
106 Holy Diver
107 Drum Solo
108 Stargazer
109 Heaven And Hell
110 Guitar Solo
111 Heaven And Hell (Reprise) – The Last In Line
112 Rainbow In The Dark
113 Man On The Silver Mountain
114 Starstruck – Man On The Silver Mountain
201 Evil Eyes
202 Don’t Talk To Strangers

The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA
203 Intro
204 Stand Up And Shout
205 One Night In The City
206 Don’t Talk To Strangers
207 Mystery
208 Egypt (The Chains Are On)
209 Holy Diver
210 Drums Solo
211 Heaven And Hell – Guitar Solo
212 The Last In Line
213 Heaven And Hell (Reprise)
301 Rainbow In The Dark
302 Man On The Silver Mountain
303 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
304 Man On The Silver Mountain (Reprise)
305 The Mob Rules
306 We Rock

From “Rainbow In The Dark” 12″ single
307 Evil Eyes (Alternative Version)

Artwork included.

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8 thoughts on “DIO 1983-12-04&1984-08-25 We Rock – Complete The CD (no label)

  1. Of course, a huge Thank You for all your shares. I was just wondering if anyone actually took a good listen to this yet? My problem seems to be with the track splitting on the 1984 set. Heaven and Hell reprise is split from the end of Last In Line. The transition if very jarring, which is how I noticed even though it was in the background as I did work. It seems like they spliced from too far back in Heaven and Hell, taking the last part that speeds up… “And they say that lifes a carousel…etc” and put that at the end of Last in Line rather than just the true reprise that usually is at the end.

    Otherwise, this is a great sounding board!!! Thank you so much.

    And of course, this has nothing to do with our awesome host.

    Thanks again for sharing so much.

  2. just wanted to follow up on my last reply here…have since found an audience recording with the same setlist…not the same show…and it has the break in Heaven And Hell and Last In Line the same as the soundboard from Philadelphia. Guess I just never noticed before, 1984 isn’t one of the years that I listen to often, but starting to listen to more.

    Thanks again for your tremendous generosity as always!!!


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