Black Sabbath 1983-09-30&09-26 Eurolines (no label)

Black Sabbath

no label

Soundboard Recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

Espace Balard
Paris, France
01 Children Of The Grave
02 Hot Line
03 War Pigs
04 Supernaut
05 Drum Solo
06 Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
07 Disturbing The Priest
08 Iron Man
09 Guitar Solo
10 Digital Bitch
11 Smoke On The Water
12 Paranoid

Boblingen, Germany
13 Black Sabbath
14 Smoke On The Water
15 Paranoid

Artwork included.

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14 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1983-09-30&09-26 Eurolines (no label)

      1. Thank you. I am aware of that list. The problem is that it hasn’t been updated since about 2007. Anyway, in this case it is likely correct.

  1. So, are the 3 Boblingen tracks soundboard? I thought this had only circulated from an audience source.

    1. 3 tracks and 1 interview from SBD or FM have been circulating for years as well.

      Here’s the entry from former info website (regrettably long gone, since 2008 or so:

      9/28/83 Sporthalle Böblingen

      Complete audience source: Intro-Supertzar, Children Of The Grave, Hot Line, War Pigs, Born Again, Supernaut, Bev Bevan’s Drum Solo, Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor, Disturbing The Priest, Iron Man, The Dark -> Zero The Hero, Heaven And Hell, Tony Iommi’s Guitar Solo, Digital Bitch, Black Sabbath, Smoke On The Water, Paranoid

      FM source [incomplete]: Black Sabbath, Smoke On The Water, Paranoid -> Heaven And Hell [reprise]

      AUD/FM There are two difference sources for the Böblingen show – an excellent, but incomplete FM broadcast [17m / EX-] and a complete audience tape [100m / VG- quality]. There were rumors in 2002 of a complete version of the FM source surfacing, but these remain unsubstantiated.

      In addition, Ian Gillan did an interview for a local FM station while he was in Böblingen. He talks about their first tour, the new album, his recent voice problems and what it’s like to be singing for Sabbath. The running time is approximately 7 minutes.

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