Black Sabbath 1987-12-05 Apocalypse (Power Gate)

Black Sabbath
Milan, Italy

Power Gate 130

Audience Recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 Intro – Mars, The Bringer Of War
02 Supertzar
03 Neon Knights
04 Children Of The Sea
05 War Pigs
06 Die Young
07 Iron Man
08 Born To Lose
09 Black Sabbath
10 Glory Ride
11 Heaven And Hell
12 Guitar Solo
13 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Riff – Heaven And Hell (Return)
14 Shining

Artwork included.

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11 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1987-12-05 Apocalypse (Power Gate)

  1. Nice! Even though I am not a big fan of The Eternal Idol album (the title song is great IMO, most others not exactly), Tony Martin’s voice was at its peak on this tour. His range, while still great in 1989, would never be quite as large as here. Thank you!

  2. This concert is an excellent example of Tony’s powerful voice. Although the E.I. studio album does not showcase Tony’s true potential (as he was “forced” to sing songs written for Ray Gillen), I absolutely love his live performances. Also, not complaining, but just an informational comment. I have the PerEriks version which includes Children of the Grave and Paranoid/Shining (return). Just curious as to why Power Gate chose not to include them? A mystery for sure!

    1. Yeah, Tony sang songs written for and by Ray, plus he sang them pretty much exactly the same way as Ray did – which surely is an achievement in its own way, but obviously it would have been better for Tony if he would have had the chance to find his own way of singing those songs.

      As for the missing COTG and Paranoid, there’s a simple explanation. Three different recordings circulate from this show. Per-Erik’s copy is from a different recording than Apocalypse. (The 3rd source is complete as well.) Moreover, this silver CD is sourced from a 2xLP bootleg that is already missing the 2 songs you mentioned. We don’t know if the original recording was complete; either it was incomplete from the outset, or it was just edited in order to fit on 2 LPs. The 2xLP runs about 83 min, this silver has been further edited to 79 min in order to fit on one CD.

      1. Thank you, very much! You have a very in-depth knowledge of Sabbath boots! Many thanks to the Purple Hippie for this and so many more! I was sad to see the takedown of the “HEAVY-ROCK BOOTLEGS” blog. That is where I obtained the Per-Eriks copy. I was fortunate to get almost 200 boots (about half Sabbath) before it was removed.

  3. Thanks for your kind words, OverNover. You can still browse a screenshot of Heavy Rock Bootlegs at the Internet Archive: . However, I am not a fan of that site. Serious collectors go to great length to offer proper and precise information on the lineage of the recordings they are sharing: Type of recording (AUD, FM, SBD…), tape generation (or the lack thereof), tape owner, bootleg title and label (if applicable), remaster or raw transfer, software used for transfers, vinyl origin, taper… whatever is available. Many of them upload on lossless torrent trackers like Dimeadozen or TheTradersDen. (And of course, our generous host here at Purplehippies, who runs his own sites, is meticulous about giving proper info as well, even though many of the commercial bootlegs themselves don’t.) Sites like Heavy Rock Bootlegs, in contrast, operate totally differently: they grab recordings from other sites (which in itself wouldn’t be bad at all if they just reposted them in their original quality and incl. the original info txt files), compress them to lossy formats and remove most or all information included with them. So what we find on Heavy Rock Bootlegs is stuff like this:
    The picture suggests the files are taken from the bootleg “Demonization”. However, even that isn’t helpful, as Demonization is a 3xCDR bootleg that includes 3 different sources from the same show. How is anyone supposed to know which one of those 3 is the one uploaded on Heavy Rock Bootlegs? (Luckily, I don’t need to download it anyway because it is lossy and because I own said bootleg physically myself.) They don’t even tell us if it is a SBD, FM or AUD recording! I could go on. Regrettably, many uploaders on Guitars101, Deep Purple Hub and many other websites do the same thing: repost stuff from other websites after removing any information that might help us determine what kind of recording and quality we’ve got to expect. Luckily for us, there’s Purplehippies, TheTradersDen, Dimeadozen and a few other sites that work differently.

  4. Thanks Linda for pulling back the curtain on the world of bootleg quality! It would appear that the heavybootz blog puts some effort into lineage. Here’s an example:

    Black Sabbath
    DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, Michigan

    aud (Master Copy by Jbarrowsrn – Remastered)
    mp3 @ 320 [217 mb]
    sq: A++

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you vey much! I just found your page and I’m amazed with all the content and quality of the boots you share! Also you are sharing my favorite bands whom happens to be Sabbath, Purple, Whitesnake, Dio, MSG, Ozzy, Rainbow! Cheers from Brazil \m/

  6. This place is one of the finest sites available for great boots no doubt about it. thankx for doing what you do.

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