Black Sabbath 1986-04-12 Seventh Power (Shades)

Black Sabbath
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

Seventh Power
Shades 018

Audience Recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Supertzar – The Mob Rules
102 Children Of The Sea
103 Danger Zone
104 War Pigs
105 Heart Like A Wheel
106 Symptom Of The Universe
107 Sweet Leaf
108 Zero The Hero
109 Sphinx
110 Seventh Star
201 Member Introduction
202 Turn To Stone
203 Drum Solo – Turn To Stone (Reprise)
204 Black Sabbath
205 Can You Feel The Power (Ray Solo)
206 Neon Knights
207 Heaven And Hell
208 Paranoid

Artwork included.

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9 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1986-04-12 Seventh Power (Shades)

  1. I just checked and compared. Sadly I have to say that Shades did a very bad job here. The spectrum looks like this was originally sourced from extremely low bitrate (maybe 64 kBit) MP3 files, then re-encoded to medium bitrate MP3 files, then finally decoded to WAV and burnt to CDR. I am not saying that’s what happened, but that’s what it looks like. If they did use lossless source files, they must have totally messed them up with crude noise-reduction or whatever. Soundwise, this sounds brighter than the master, which might lead some people to believe its better, but IMO the master that has been shared on Dime and is still available on Guitars101 sounds more natural and overall clearly better.

    As always, this is NOT a criticism of your upload. It is absolutely fantastic that you share all this stuff with us. Without you, I couldn’t even make these comparisons in the first place. Thank you very much again!

    1. Sadly, MEGA is reporting no longer available. I did find it at heavybootz however. Sounds decent IMHO:

      aud  (PerErik version)
      mp3 @ 320 [204 mb]
      sq: A+ / EX

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