Black Sabbath 1980-08-10 Children Of The Black (no label)

Black Sabbath
Civic Center
Hartford, CT

Children Of The Black
no label

Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Introduction
102 War Pigs
103 Neon Knights
104 N.I.B.
105 Children Of The Sea
106 Sweet Leaf
107 Drum Solo
108 Sweet Leaf (Reprise)
109 Black Sabbath
201 Heaven And Hell
202 Iron Man
203 Guitar Solo
204 Die Young
205 Paranoid
206 Children Of The Grave

Bonus track
207 Children Of The Sea

Artwork included.

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23 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1980-08-10 Children Of The Black (no label)

  1. Sadly, like all other SBD Hartford releases, this one is lossy sourced. Not unexpected — it would be a surprise at this point for a commercial lossless SBD version to surface. Short of an official release from Black Sabbath. That said, I look forward to any comparisons on the sound quality; sometimes these *silver* no label releases can be good…

  2. Isn’t this partially sourced from the Wolfgang’s Vault download, and the rest from the pre-FM vinyl source that made it’s rounds a few years back?

    1. IIRC it is completely sourced from Wolfgang’s Vault. I don’t think I have any copy with both the pre-FM and Wolfgang’s sources combined. I may be wrong though. If anyone here notices anything about this or any other complete bootleg (other than audience recordings) from this show to suggest that it does include the incomplete pre-FM source, please let me know.

  3. Well, here are my two cents. Except for the second version of “Children of the grave” (obviously) this is lossy sourced. I would agree that this might be sourced from Wolfgang’s Vault, but still I’ve got the impression that there’s a difference in sound quality when compared with what you get directly at WV. Sometime ago I looked at the possibility of using existing Pre-FM sources and combining them with other sources, but wasn’t really happy. The differences in sound between all those sources are rather great, which wouldn’t make for a great “listening experience” in my view.

  4. I actually have a lossless complete version of this show. TLH at it’s highest settings show 100% for every track. One track has 99%. No other version comes close. I think the version I got must have been leaked before It was on Wolfgang’s Vault.

    1. TLH is not a reliable tool for lossiness-detection. Anyway, I would be interested in testing your version. Are you a member on Dime, TheTradersDen, Deep Purple Hub? If so, maybe you could PM me there if I leave you my username here? That would be appreciated.

  5. I have a version called “Black Sabbath Live in Hartford 1980.” No label. The documentation claims it is lossless. Here’s what it states:

    Source: – Soundboard
    Quality: – Excellent
    Format: – FLAC
    File Size: – 506MB
    Lineage: – Trade CDR – WAV – FLAC

    I got it a couple of weeks ago off Guitars101. It was posted in 2014 [mediaaddict], but the links still work.

    1. I have that one. It is lossy-sourced. Don’t forget that many people, including many uploaders, believe Trader’s Little Helper is a reliable tool to verify recordings as lossless (I believed that myself until I learned I was wrong). It isn’t. TLH produces a lot of false positives and false negatives. Regrettably, even the spectral analysis we do isn’t very reliable, but more so than TLH. Anyway, in case of the Hartford SBD, I do have the original MP3 files from Wolfgang’s that the alleged lossless copies are sourced from. This means that a knowledgeable person (not myself, but a few friends of myself) can (and did) compare the MP3 to the alleged lossless version and thus determine whether the latter is indeed sourced from the former. Turns out they all are. And we haven’t just tested 1 or 2 or 3 versions, but more than 10. And exactly the same goes for the 1976 Pittsburgh (sometimes mislabelled as Syracuse) and 1978 Pittsburgh SBDs. Such direct comparisons are much more reliable than any tests we could run on the supposed lossless copy alone, but of course we can only compare when we have the supposed lossy source recording as well. In this case, we have.

  6. Thanks Linda B! I guess the only real lossless tracks from this show are the four included on CD2 of the deluxe edition of Heaven and Hell.

  7. I’ve seen a boot called “Heaven in Hartford” on sale on eBay and Amazon. How is this possible? According to, this is not an official release.

    1. I’ve certainly acquired a few Jimi Hendrix bootlegs at Amazon. The $17 (plus postage) question is whether this is just another lossy copy originating from WV. The same people selling this on Amazon also have a version of the DIO show in Milwaukee 1994.

      1. Yes, this is sourced from WV. And for some reason it appears even ‘more lossy’ than most other copies of this show. Maybe due to noise reduction.

    2. There’s bootlegs of many shows up on Amazon and eBay. I don’t know how it is possible but it is not unusual.

  8. I see. Thank you for your prompt response. I’ll read the reviews and see if any audiophiles have weighed in on the quality. Nice pun on the $64K question by the way.

      1. P.s.: Most bootlegs aren’t audiophile quality, of course. 🙂 My go-to version are the original Wolfgang’s Vault MP3 files since they are the least tampered with.

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