Thank you…

I wish to say thank you to all of my readers here at Purple Hippies. I always appreciate your comments and kind thanks.

I also wish to specifically thank two of you: “Linda B.”, who has always been so generous in sharing her *deep* knowledge of Black Sabbath recordings, and her evaluations of the bootlegs I’ve posted. Even when delivering “bad news” (i.e. something is lossless, and/or an inferior source), she has been unfailingly polite and respectful. I have learned a lot from you Linda!

And to “chicolino“, I wish to thank you for your insightful comments on the musical performances on the Rainbow bootlegs. It is very rare in the various communities where ROIO recordings are shared for someone to take the time to share their comments on the actual *music*!

(And I hope neither of you objects to the public mention–but I really do appreciate both of you and your contributions to this site via your comments!)

6 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Great to see you back! It’s not an easy time for the U.S., but stay positive for better times.
    Stay healthy and Thanks for all your work!

    All the best from Germany!

  2. Nós que agradecemos irmão, seu trabalho aqui é fantástico! Abraço desde Brazil!

  3. All Deep Purple and Rainbow fans thank you for your generosity and for your wonderful job to share all amazing music ! Thank you more and more and cheers from Brazil !

  4. Can’t thank you enough for all you do here. Not sure how long I’ve been coming here, maybe 2 years, but your generosity and sheer amount you post never ceases to amaze me. Long may it continue!

  5. My infinite gratitude and my unconditional support for your activities and decisions. I hope that the situation in your country will find a solution soon. For as long as you stay well informed and safe.
    I send you a strong and supportive hug.
    Enthusiastic greetings from Mexico

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