Black Sabbath 1976-12-10&1978-09-08 In Niagara Falls (Shades)

Black Sabbath
Convention Center
Niagara Falls, NY

In Niagara Falls
Shades 1079

Audience recordings

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Supertzar
102 Symptom Of The Universe
103 Snowblind
104 All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
105 War Pigs
106 Gypsy
107 Black Sabbath
201 Intro
202 Megalomania
203 Dirty Women
204 Drum Solo
205 Guitar Solo
206 Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
207 Jam
208 Iron Man
209 Children Of The Grave
210 Paranoid

301 Supertzar
302 Symptom Of The Universe
303 Snowblind
304 War Pigs
305 Never Say Die
306 Black Sabbath
401 Intro
402 Dirty Women
403 Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
404 Drum Solo – Jam
405 Guitar Solo – Jam
406 Electric Funeral
407 Iron Man
408 Fairies Wear Boots
409 Paranoid
410 She’s Gone Outro

Artwork included.

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8 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1976-12-10&1978-09-08 In Niagara Falls (Shades)

  1. Thanks a lot for all this great concerts.
    Also thanks in all people who Workshops on it. And a great thanks in the taper for taping and sharing.


  2. Many thanks for posting this! My brief thoughts on the music:
    The ’76 show contains the best live version of All Moving Parts (Stand Still) that we have so far.
    The ’78 show is not so late in the US tour so the playing (read singing) is still good. It compares favorably with the Hammersmith shows in June.

  3. Thanks for sharing all these versions of recordings. I certainly appreciate your consistent and meticulous file organization that seems to mirror my own OCD. 😉

    This ’78 show contains one of the best Ozzy moments… “Get it together, Ozzy”,… says a guy in the crowd after Ozzy announces the wrong song… Classic! Also, I don’t think this ’78 show has made the rounds on the torrent sites before.

    Praise Geezer!!!!

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