Deep Purple 1985-05-16 Budokan Night 1985 (Shakuntala)

Deep Purple
Nippon Budokan Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Budokan Night 1985

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original Pro CD-Rs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Highway Star
102 Nobody’s Home
103 Strange Kind Of Woman
104 Blues
105 A Gypsy’s Kiss
106 Perfect Strangers
107 Under The Gun
108 Lazy
201 Child In Time
202 Knocking At Your Back Door
203 Difficult To Cure
204 Organ Solo
205 Space Truckin’
206 Woman From Tokyo
207 Black Night

Artwork included.

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6 thoughts on “Deep Purple 1985-05-16 Budokan Night 1985 (Shakuntala)

  1. Muchas gracias! A comparar con:
    Deep Purple 1985 05 16 Perfect Strangers Tour – Final Crash – Budokan Dai-Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Darker Than Blue 035/036) 2006
    Deep Purple 1985 05 16 Perfect Strangers Tour – The Magnificent Five – Budokan Dai-Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Calm And Storm 035)
    Deep Purple 1985 05 16 Perfect Strangers Tour – The Perfect Stranger – Budokan Dai-Hall, Tokyo, Japan (Artifact)
    Deep Purple 1985 05 13, 14 & 16 Perfect Strangers Tour – Perfect Gunners – Budokan, Tokyo, Japan (Shades 051)

  2. Good recording, but I prefer “The magnificent five”, which is incomplete though. There are some breaks during “Black night”, which is the only song I’ve checked so far. Got this CD from another source, too, and it seems the breaks are on all the copies.

  3. Thank you. Despite no DP tour is less than perfect for me, 1985 tour is perhaps among the least enjoyable (within perfection). The “reunion” fact was a formidable reason to celebrate it, but, I think that the same songs sounded better in following tours (1987, 1993…).

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