Michael Schenker Fest 2018-08-31 Live In Tokyo 2018 – First Night (XAVEL)

Michael Schenker Fest
Toyosu PIT
Tokyo, Japan

Live In Tokyo 2018 – First Night
Definitive Edition

Multiple IEM matrix recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Opening
102 Holiday
103 Doctor Doctor
104 Live And Let Live
105 Vigilante Man
106 Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
107 Take Me To The Church
108 Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
109 Into The Arena
110 Bad Boys
111 Save Yourself
112 Anytime
113 Heart And Soul
114 Love Is Not A Game
115 Warrior
116 Captain Nemo
117 Dancer
201 Desert Song
202 Night Moods
203 Assault Attack
204 Searching For A Reason
205 Coast To Coast
206 Happy Birthday Rudolf!
207 Are You Ready To Rock
208 Attack Of The Mad Axeman
209 Rock My Nights Away
210 Messin’ Around
211 Armed And Ready
212 Rock Bottom
213 Shoot Shoot
214 Natural Thing
215 Lights Out

Artwork included.

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16 thoughts on “Michael Schenker Fest 2018-08-31 Live In Tokyo 2018 – First Night (XAVEL)

  1. Thank you. I think that this guy was proposed to be in DP, after Blackmore departure. It would have been interesting (although I like Purpendicular so much that I doubt that any other replacement would had been better than Morse).

    1. Schenker was asked to fill in Aerosmith for Joe Perry in the 80’s, but not for Blackmore so far I know… Joe Satriano was to me the best choice to replace Blackmore and he did for the remaining of the 93-tour, but he refused to stay… The boots from his short episode with Deep Purple are magnificent, since he was a great virtuoso, but nothing from soundboard.

  2. Great quality! I saw them at this tour and am surprised that they didn’t release a live album yet.

  3. I’ve just updated the post and uploaded a revised .rar file correcting the info file. This is now correctly identified as ripped from pressed silver CDs.

    1. That’s true, but Michael wouldn’t have fit there at all, not only working with ‘wacko Ozzy’ and Sharon taking total control, but it was also not his music. Glad Jake E. Lee was choosen, as he was a great successor of Randy…

  4. What do they mean with Multiple IEM matrix recording? A radio broadcast mixed with a soundboard recoring of the same show?

    1. From what I understand, the IEM (Inner Ear Monitor) system broadcasts different mixes on different radio frequencies during the show so that each band/crew member can hear what they specifically need to. Tapers will “discover” the different freq’s and record each one individually. They can then mix the different feeds together to come up with a final version.

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