Black Sabbath 1980-11-18 Definitive Tokyo 1980 Soundboard (Zodiac)

Black Sabbath
Nakano Sunplaza
Tokyo, Japan

Definitive Tokyo 1980 Soundboard
Zodiac 395

Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CD via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 Supertzar
02 War Pigs
03 Neon Knights
04 N.I.B.
05 Children Of The Sea
06 Sweet Leaf
07 Drum Solo
08 Sweet Leaf (Reprise)
09 Lady Evil
10 Black Sabbath
11 Heaven And Hell
12 Iron Man

Artwork included.

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18 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1980-11-18 Definitive Tokyo 1980 Soundboard (Zodiac)

  1. Nice, thank you. And welcome back from vacation!

    There a a number of soundboards from that year. Was the band planning to do a live album, or did some internal tapes leak out (like say the Zep 1975 soundboards)?

    1. I am not aware of them planning a live album at the time, though I cannot rule it out. Anyway, if this is sourced, as I expect, from the same recording as “Dark Knght” and “Angel and Demon”, it is likely not a SBD, but a superb audience recording. The Sydney SBD was probably not taped by the band but secretly by the mixer. Hartford was recorded for King Bisquit Flower Hour. So maybe it is just a coincidence? On the other hand, Dragons and Kings is from Cozy’s cassette collection, I guess he got it from Tony, which would imply that that recording was done with Tony’s knowledge, or at least handed to him afterwards. So maybe…?
      It is interesting that the Heaven and Hell and the Mob Rules tours were the opposite of each other in that respect: From the HaH tour, we got several FM or SBD recordings but zero official live albums (other than a few live tracks included in the HaH Sanctuary Deluxe 2xCD); from the HaH tour, we got zero unreleased FM or SBD recordings but two official live albums.

  2. Gracias! Muchas gracias! Un gusto saber de ti nuevamente.

    What happened? Why didn’t they play Paranoid?
    It was during “Heaven and Hell” that something happened to Iommi that resulted in the closing of the concert. “Heaven and Hell” averaged thirteen minutes long. At this concert on November 18, it was less than ten and a half minutes, but the first five minutes were Iommi classics. It was at this point that he disappeared from the song, that Dio, Butler and Appice improvised and brought up “Iron Man”. As previously mentioned, “Iron Man” was how the show ended, although Iommi played on it. But in this part of the concert the nasty instrumentals and the guitar solos, “Die Young” and the encore “Paranoid” were missing.

    1. Tony reportedly had the flu or some sort of virus that night,thus the abbreviated show. PH has another disc of this same show posted titled ‘The Day Of Tony’s Illness”.

  3. I am also thinking, this sounds more like a very good AUD than a SBD recording. Until today I updated all my Black Sabbath Bootlegs with the recent Zodiac releases, but here for the first time I will keep the, for me, definitve version of Tokyo 1980, that is called “Evilmania” a very very good FM recording !

  4. Great to have you back and uploading!

    Now we have three opinions – either it’s a soundboard, an audience recording or a matrix using both. I do believe it’s an audience recording – and a really good one. There’s no real stereo separation with this recording, so that’s why to me it cannot be a soundboard recording or matrix as far as I’m concerned. Remember that Japanese audience recordings also from other bands were sometimes stunningly good. Just check out “Catch the rainbow” on the 5-CD official boxed set, which was sourced from an audience recording.

    Cozy Powell may have been approached to join Sabbath when Bill Ward left, which might explain why he had a live recording in his collection. He was available, having just left Rainbow. Tony Iommi worked with him later, so there was a fondness. But there were issues between Powell and Dio, resulting from the Rainbow days.

    Tony was reported to have food poisoning on that night, that’s why “Heaven and hell” was cut short and no encore was played. There is a recording of that show where someone comes onstage and explains the situation to the audience if I remember correctly.

  5. Yes! I remember that announcement. Here’s where I have it:

    Tarantula label silver CD > EAC > TLH (FLAC level 8)
    “Ripped from “The Day Of Tony’s Illness” silver CD, released by Tarantula label, TCDBS-9.
    Recorded by Mr. Peach (audience), produced by Mallochio Yamamoto, mastered by Overlook Studio.”

  6. I just compared. This is indeed from the same source as Dark Knight, Angel and Demon and Demonization Disc 1. The Zodiac bootleg sounds a tad harsh IMO – I like Demonization and Dark Knight a bit better.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  7. Thank you for posting this version.
    I started with “Nuclear Poisoner” (LP) and years later jumped to “Angel And Demon”. Final verdict? I say listen all versions as it is endlessly intriguing how Tony Iommi could perform
    a perfectly heavy set like this with food poisoning. Apart from a break in Heaven And Hell and up until the last note of Iron Man, this is as good as any of the earlier (IMO perfect) Japanese dates.
    His book should have had a whole chapter about this show!
    AUD or SBD? Well, we have the Peach and Miracle recordings so who else could do this? The raw source for the Japanese radio? See “Black Line” – where did the keyboards go? The mysteries of this show live on …

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