Black Sabbath 1973-02-21 Definitive Brescia 1973 (Zodiac)

Black Sabbath
Palazzo E.I.B.
Breschia, Italy

Definitive Brescia 1973
Zodiac 398

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CD via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 Intro
02 Tomorrow’s Dream
03 Sweet Leaf
04 War Pigs
05 Snowblind
06 Killing Yourself To Live
07 Wicked World
08 Guitar Solo – Orchid
09 Instrumental Jam
10 Wicked World (Reprise)
11 Embryo – Children Of The Grave
12 Paranoid

Artwork included.

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12 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1973-02-21 Definitive Brescia 1973 (Zodiac)

  1. Thanks for this new Zodiac release and chance for this three shows from Ozzy:
    Speak Of The Devil Ritz 1982 Complete Remastered Edition (Zodiac 356)
    Ultimate Barks Tokyo 1984 (Zodiac 372)
    US Festival ’83 The Complete Soundboard (Zodiac 350)
    Thanks again for sharing all these bootlegs with us!

    1. Yes, and more importantly: this is now the best-sounding Vol4 live recording (outside the official Live at Last) in circulation.

  2. I thought I had the 1990 Dusseldorf bootleg, but it looks like this is missing from my collection. I will order this, and post it here when it arrives.

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