Heaven And Hell 2007-10-25 Nagoya 2007 (Zodiac)

Heaven And Hell
Civic Auditorium
Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya 2007
Zodiac 394

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 E5150
102 The Mob Rules
103 Children Of The Sea
104 I
105 The Sign Of The Southern Cross
106 Voodoo
107 Drum Solo
108 Computer God
109 Falling Off The Edge Of The World
201 Die Young
202 Heaven And Hell
203 Neon Knights

Artwork included.

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3 thoughts on “Heaven And Hell 2007-10-25 Nagoya 2007 (Zodiac)

  1. Thank you very much for the Sabbath!

    When I just saw the notification of your ‘Closure’ post in my email inbox (the post itself was already gone), I almost had a heart attack because I thought you wanted to close PurpleHippies. 😉 I was very pleased to find that you don’t. Your efforts and uploads here are greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. Same as Linda above, you had me worried for a minute there! Glad PurpleHippies is continuing. Thanks for the Heaven And Hell.

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