Ozzy Osbourne 1984-07-06 Bark At The Tokyo (Zodiac)

Ozzy Osbourne
Nakano Sunplaza
Tokyo, Japan

Bark At The Tokyo
Zodiac 064

Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CD via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 I Don’t Know
02 Mr. Crowley
03 Over The Mountain
04 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel
05 Back At The Moon
06 Revelation (Mother Earth)
07 Steal Away (The Night)
08 Band Introductions
09 Suicide Solution – Guitar Solo
10 Flying High Again
11 Iron Man

Artwork included.

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11 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne 1984-07-06 Bark At The Tokyo (Zodiac)

  1. Outstandig sound! I like very much Mr. Crowly despite it lacks the organ introduction (nevertheless very well done by Jake E. Lee).
    Thank you!!

  2. Thank you for this show when Ozzy could actually sing live and Jake E Lee ruled. I prefer him to Zakk Wylde because Zakk’s pinch harmonics are way too repetitive and annoying. The only trick in his bag. And I’ll never forget his disrespect of Dio.

  3. This is a real classic. Perfect sound and with Jake covering Don Airey’s parts as far as possible.
    Does anybody know how this compares with the later release “Ultimate Barks” (Zodiac 372)? Same sound?


    1. I have both, the Ultimate Barks edition sounds slightly better than Bark at The Tokyo. But I bought it mainly to have an update of the show on disc 1.

      Here an extract from the discription of Ultimate Barks:

      “[DISC 2: Super valuable quartet sound board] The next one to appear is the only “four-person sound board” in the world. It was a leaked sound board that shocked the world in “BARK AT THE TOKYO” in 2014, but in this work it was digitized again from the Omoto cassette. This is also transcendence, and the feeling of direct connection and the freshness are equivalent to Disk 1. However, the nuances of this work are quite different due to re-digitization. The point this time is a sense of naturalness and unity. The first appearance of “BARK AT THE TOKYO” must have been transcendent, but this time, the faithful reproduction of the analog feeling of the tape and the resolution of the subtleties have been further improved. The clearness has been drawn just by the vividness of the fine parts. And a sense of unity is compatibility with the disc 1.”

  4. many thanks for this.
    got to see ozzy’s first show in nyc (motorhead opened), once more with randy months later and then once more with bernie torme at the garden. tommy aldridge drummed on all of those dates and this show brings back great memories of that era, especially hearing over the mountain (though i prefer it as the show opener).


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