Ozzy Osbourne 1996-03-10 Gashadokuro (Shakuntala)

Ozzy Osbourne
Fukuoka Sun Palace
Fukuoka, Japan


Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CD via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Opening
102 Ozzy’s Introduction
103 Paranoid
104 I Don’t Know
105 Flying High Again
106 Goodbye To Romance
107 I Don’t Want To Change The World
108 I Just Want You
109 Perry Mason
110 No More Tears
111 Member Introduction
201 Suicide Solution
202 Iron Man
203 Sweet Leaf
204 Children Of The Grave
205 Mr. Crowley
206 War Pigs
207 Crazy Train
208 Mama, I’m Coming Home
209 Bark At The Moon

Artwork included.

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9 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne 1996-03-10 Gashadokuro (Shakuntala)

  1. Thanks for this bro any chance for these:
    Ultimate Barks Tokyo 1984 (Zodiac 372)
    Speak Of The Devil Ritz 1982 Complete Remastered Edition (Zodiac 356)
    US Festival ā€™83 The Complete Soundboard (Zodiac 350)

    1. I have my copy of “US Festival ā€™83 The Complete Soundboard (Zodiac 350)” coming on Friday. How would you like me to share it with you?

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