Black Sabbath 1992-08-09 Definitive Boston 1992 – Pre-FM Master (Zodiac)

Black Sabbath
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA

Definitive Boston 1992 – Pre-FM Master
Zodiac 403

Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 E5150
102 The Mob Rules
103 Computer God
104 Children Of The Sea
105 Time Machine
106 War Pigs
107 I
108 Die Young
109 Guitar Solo
110 Black Sabbath
201 Master Of Insanity
202 After All (The Dead)
203 Drums Solo
204 Iron Man
205 Heaven And Hell
206 Neon Knights
207 Paranoid – Heaven And Hell (Reprise)
208 Laguna Sunrise (Outro)

Artwork included.

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10 thoughts on “Black Sabbath 1992-08-09 Definitive Boston 1992 – Pre-FM Master (Zodiac)

  1. Ha, you beat me, because tomorrow my order arrives! I hope it’s worthwhile, but I couldn’t resist, I had to have this one anyway…

  2. Just a quick listen… to me this one sound indeed better than the previous release of Definitive Boston (Zodiac 403) from 2013. I feared too much compression due to remastering of a remaster, but none of this. I sounds more professional with a great drumsound and clear separation of the instruments. Better than the liverecordings on the Deluxe Edition of Dehumaniser…

    1. @Mark Metalrockx: I respectfully disagree.

      First, a little history:
      The original source is Leonid’s 1st gen tape transfer, originally shared on CDR by collector Leonid in 2002, then uploaded on The Trader’s Den by Brimstone in 2005.
      The fan-made CDR bootleg “Masters of Boston” is mostly a digital identical copy of Leonid’s tape transfer, though it has a few little clicks removed while introducing at least 2 additional clicks.
      “Class of 1992” (Langley-211 silver 2CD) is a remaster of Leonid’s tape transfer.
      The pre-FM portion of “Definitive Boston 1992” (Zodiac 045 silver 4CD) is a mostly identical copy of “Class of 1992”, except for small differences in a few spots because some clicks and other little flaws present in “Class of 1992” have been fixed in “Definitive Boston 1992”.
      This new bootleg, “Definitive Boston 1992 – Pre-FM Master” (Zodiac 403 silver 2CD) is a remastered copy of the (already remastered) earlier Zodiac 045 bootleg.

      Now, about the sound:
      Leonid’s tape transfer has a nice dynamic range of DR11. “Class of 1992” has got additional compression, resulting in DR9. Both Zodiac bootlegs have DR9 as well. Thus, actually all 3 silvers sound compressed, compared to their source tape.
      Overall, Leonid’s tape transfer sounds excellent, dynamic, dark, but a little muddy (IMO, of course, listening with beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones). “Class of 1992” adds compression, which is unnecessary and rather counterproductive; it also adds clarity and improves separation, which is great, but boosts the high end a bit too much for my taste. The bass guitar is prominent though, which I like.
      IMO, the new Zodiac 403 bootleg sounds clearly worse than all other versions mentioned above: yes, they didn’t add further compression (that would have been insane anyway), but they did pretty much everything else wrong: it sounds much brighter and harsher, less full sounding, with separation of intruments reduced and the bass guitar less prominent. Even worse than I expected.

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