Heaven And Hell 2007-07-05 Behind The Ecstacy Of Gold (WireWork Records)

Heaven And Hell
Vienna, Austria

Behind The Ecstacy Of Gold
WireWork Records

Audience Recording

Extracted to FLAC from original commercial Pro-CDRs via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 E5150
02 The Mob Rules
03 Children Of The Sea
04 I
05 Voodoo
06 The Sign Of The Southern Cross
07 Tony Iommi Guitar Solo – Die Young
08 Heaven And Hell

Artwork included.

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7 thoughts on “Heaven And Hell 2007-07-05 Behind The Ecstacy Of Gold (WireWork Records)

  1. I”m so glad that they finally played Sign of the Southern Cross in it’s entirety.It boggles the mind why they didn’t do it in 82. I mean, Heaven and Hell is a great song obviously, but they should have stopped playing that one then and instead they should have done live this gorgeous song which is, to me, in top 10 of their entire catalog. So heavy and so dark. Awesome awesome song. Just because of this this is worth downloading. Thank you !!!!

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