Black Sabbath The Eternal Idol Instrumental Demos (Zodiac)

Black Sabbath
The Eternal Idol Instrumental Demos
Zodiac 309

Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

01 The Shining
02 Lost Forever
03 Nightmare
04 Born To Lose
05 Ancient Warrior
06 Glory Ride
07 Some Kind Of Woman
08 Black Moon
09 Eternal Idol

Artwork included.

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14 thoughts on “Black Sabbath The Eternal Idol Instrumental Demos (Zodiac)

  1. Great stuff. This is one of the cases where Zodiac found and released something previously unheard of, rather than remastering the remaster of a remaster of some already widely circulated recording, as they often do. Many thanks!

      1. Yes, gladly we have now demos from 4 different stages of the writing and recording process for The Eternal Idol. FYI: you are right to point out that “Maximum Ray Gillen Years” contains different versions with complete vocals from Ray but several guitar solos missing, but the demos portion of “Maximum Ray Gillen Years” appears lossy (or maybe crudely denoised). Luckily, the same version of the demos are included in lossless quality on “Complete Ray Gillen Years” (Bondage BON092), “Eternal Stars” (Shultzie) and “The Ray Gillen Years” (Collect Songs CS 97303).

        So we have:
        The Eternal Idol Demos – Stage 1: “The Eternal Idol Instrumental Demos” (Zodiac 309)
        The Eternal Idol Demos – Stage 2: “The Eternal Idol Working Tracks” (Zodiac 073)
        The Eternal Idol Demos – Stage 3: More evolved demos with complete Ray Gillen vocals but missing several guitar solos – see my notes above
        The Eternal Idol Demos – Stage 4: Almost finished album with complete Ray Gillen vocals. Incomplete lower quality copy: “The Ray Gillen Years” (Bondage BON025). More complete higher quality version: master tape transfer (uploaded on Dime in 2009), “The Eternal Idol” (official Sanctuary Deluxe 2xCD), “The Eternal Idol – Ray Gillen Mix” (no label)

        It was probably the most chaotic of all times for Sabbath aka (at that time) Tony Iommi solo in terms of personnel changes. See here:

    1. There was a version released on Dime in 2009? I must have missed that one, and of course it’s gone now. Was it released anywhere else that you know of? We just need one definitive collection to be released, already!

  2. Great addition to the Eternal Idol demo’s, thanks! This is a complete different version than the official released demo on Eternal Idol Deluxe Edition. Although I’m a big fan of Tony Martin, I miss here the vocals of Ray Gillen (that’s what you get with instrumentals ;-). I still prefer the “The Eternal Idol Working Tracks (Zodiac 073)” where you have 5 songs sung by Ray with alternative lyrics.

  3. There is even another version of this demo with Ray on vocals, but without guitarsolos. I have it on “Maximum Ray Gillen Years”, where you get also a magnificent live at San Antonio Texas of April 18, 1986.

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