Rainbow 1997-05-31 Maybe Next Time – Final Concert (Shades)

Esbjerg, Denmark

Maybe Next Time – Final Concert
Shades 195

Audience recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Over The Rainbow
102 Spotlight Kid
103 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
104 Mistreated
105 Wolf To The Moon
106 Difficult To Cure
107 Keyboard Solo
108 Still I’m Sad
109 Bass & Drum Solo
201 Man On The Silver Mountain
202 Temple Of The King
203 Black Masquerade
204 Ariel
205 Blues
206 Since You Been Gone
207 Perfect Strangers
208 Guitar Solo
209 Burn
210 Maybe Next Time

Artwork included.

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6 thoughts on “Rainbow 1997-05-31 Maybe Next Time – Final Concert (Shades)

  1. My God, that’s 23 years ago! We decided to go to the show, not knowing it was going to be the last (real) Rainbow show. Needless to say I’m glad we went. We missed playing football/soccer with Ritchie, but we were there for J.B.’s interview with Cozy Powell. Ritchie proceeded to refresh Cozy by dropping some water onto him from a hotel window. Great times!

  2. And, a little bit out of context, it’s 32 years to the day since the DP show at Kassel, the best DP experience I ever had and the one and only show where I saw a support act being booed off the stage – which perfectly set the tone for the rest of the evening. No thanks to whoever wiped his soundboard copy of this show in favour of I think the Hamburg show a couple of days later. Sorry to ramble, but isn’t nostalgia wonderful? πŸ˜‰

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