Rainbow 1997-03-19 Over The Edge (no label)

Palo Alto, CA

Over The Edge
no label

NTSC DVD extracted to VIDEO_TS via WinX DVD Copy Pro

01 Over The Rainbow
02 Spotlight Kid
03 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
04 Mistreated
05 Wolf To The Moon
06 Difficult To Cure
07 Keyboard Solo
08 Still I’m Sad – Bass & Drum Solo
09 Man On The Silver Mountain
10 Temple Of The King
11 Black Masquerade
12 Woman From Tokyo
13 Ariel
14 Since You Been Gone
15 Perfect Strangers
16 Maybe Next Time
17 Burn
18 Over The Rainbow

Artwork included.

Download from mega.nz: https://mega.nz/folder/y88W1ASC#tLRnT7LWUZ-oMU7t0wvW2g


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