Rainbow 2016-06-25 Birmingham 2016 (Black Box)

Genting Arena
Birmingham, UK

Birmingham 2016
Black Box 005

Audience Recording

Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Land Of Hope And Glory
102 Over The Rainbow
103 Highway Star
104 Spotlight Kid
105 Mistreated
106 Since You Been Gone
107 Man On The Silver Mountain
108 Soldier Of Fortune
109 Difficult To Cure – Drum, Bass & Keyboard Solo
201 Catch The Rainbow
202 Perfect Strangers
203 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
204 Child In Time
205 Stargazer
206 Black Night
207 Burn
208 Smoke On The Water

Artwork included.

Download from FileFactory: http://filefactory.com/file/6vcpqsxxovhq/0364.rar


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13 thoughts on “Rainbow 2016-06-25 Birmingham 2016 (Black Box)

  1. Thanks! Any chance for:
    Ozzy Osbourne: Speak Of The Devil Ritz 1982 Complete Remastered Edition [Zodiac 356]
    Ozzy Osbourne: Kalamazoo 1982 [Zodiac 406]
    Ozzy Osbourne: Ultimate Barks Tokyo 1984 [Zodiac 372]

  2. Thanks a lot for the Birmingham 2016 show! Do you also have the “Definitive Berlin 2018” from Black Box 27?

    Please stay healthy! 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for your generosity! Berlin 2018 was my second Rainbow Reunion Concert. Great memories & Blackmore in a good mood 😀

  3. Again a show I was at. But I was really shocked how underrehearsed the whole show sounded, how little came from the man in black and I couldn’t deal with the singer either. I made my “peace” with this line-up when I saw them in London I think the next year, which had the undeniable plus of a guest appearance of Russ Ballard and a jaw-dropping Blackmore solo in “I surrender”. Still, thanks a lot for sharing this recording!

  4. Listen to “Soldier of Fortune”, there is someone in the public singing much better than R. Romero!

  5. Thanks very much. The fingers aren’t as nimble as once they were but good to hear Ritchie playing the old stuff again.

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