– Pink Floyd & Prog Rock Bootlegs

I have been building a new web site focused on progressive rock: I added the link to the menu here on PurpleHippies a few weeks ago, but have decided it is time for an “official” announcement.

Much of the current content of the site is focused on Pink Floyd and their ‘solo’ recordings. But the future of the site will be much more balanced, with more bootlegs of ELP, Yes, Genesis and others…

As with this site, you are welcome to share anything from at other sites.

9 thoughts on “ – Pink Floyd & Prog Rock Bootlegs

  1. I am happy for your return to share bootlegs of these bands with us again, so welcome again.

  2. I had noticed you had added the link here, many thanks for re-activating that part of your collection and your official announcement. I’m sure all your regular visitors are extremely grateful and I hope all is well with you.

  3. I discovered the link a while ago and have already gone through the site. As a fan of 70s classic rock there’s always interesting stuff to find on your sites. Needless to say I appreciate all your efforts greatly.

  4. For the amount you have shared with us for free, I feel bad that the only thing I can do is say thank you. I have discovered many artists I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for your sites. I will continue to share my thanks for your work and once again, Thank you 🙂

    1. I’m feeling the same … I appreciate your work so much every single day! It’s always a pleasure to visit your great sites daily! Can’t say enough a simple “Thank You” for your generosity, time, effort and your love that you put into your work!

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