Rainbow 2018-04-18 Definitive Berlin 2018 – The Video (no label)

Berlin, Germany

Definitive Berlin 2018 – The Video
no label

NTSC DVD extracted to VIDEO_TS via WinX DVD Copy Pro

01 Land Of Hope And Glory
02 Over The Rainbow
03 Spotlight Kid
04 I Surrender
05 Mistreated
06 Since You Been Gone
07 Man On The Silver Mountain
08 Perfect Strangers
09 Soldier Of Fortune
10 Black Night
11 Difficult To Cure – Keyboard Solo
12 All Night Long
13 Child In Time
14 Stargazer
15 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
16 Smoke On The Water
17 Burn

Artwork included.

Download from mega.nz: https://mega.nz/folder/Tp1DVITA#CU3QY66wpyxzyPy6pibrBw


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8 thoughts on “Rainbow 2018-04-18 Definitive Berlin 2018 – The Video (no label)

  1. Great! Thanks a lot for the second Berlin 18 Bootleg! Will watch this DVD tonight, i’m excited how the quality is.

    1. Supplement: Great Audience Multicam Video, most times filmed from the front rows. Also excellent audio on this DVD. Love to watch the whole DVD now 🙂

  2. Thank you for this video. Although I am not very pleased with this last Rainbow reincarnation, I am very surprised with this very good video, despite the fact that it is based on audience videos (taken form different perspectives). The sound is also really good (soundboard?)

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