Deep Purple 1972-03-01 Machine Head Live Copenhagen 1972 (Shakuntala)

Deep Purple
K.B. Hallen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Machine Head Live Copenhagen 1972 in Colour
Shakuntala STCD-225

NTSC DVD extracted to VIDEO_TS via WinX DVD Copy Pro

01 Opening
02 Highway Star
03 Strange Kind Of Woman
04 Child In Time
05 The Mule
06 Lazy
07 Space Truckin’
08 Fireball
09 Lucille
10 Black Night

01 Help! (PV)
02 Hush (PV)
03 Wring That Neck (studio footage)
04 Ian Gillan Interview (1971 Germany)
05 Black Night (1971 Germany)
06 Stange Kind Of Woman (1971 Germany)

Artwork included.

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7 thoughts on “Deep Purple 1972-03-01 Machine Head Live Copenhagen 1972 (Shakuntala)

  1. I thank you very very much indeed for this one.
    I bought years ago the dvd. Although the video was professional, it was in black and white and not very HQ. This coloured version is in fact an upgrade and it becomes the only complete video of a DP concert in 1972 with an acceptable quality.
    It is also nice to watch the extra: again coloured videos of previosly availbale performances in B/W.

  2. I don’t think a colour version of the b/w material existed, so probably someone coloured the b/w footage. Having said that, there’s some material on the bonus disc that made me blink, because despite having collected for eons this is new stuff to me. That’s why it’s really unfortunate that I can’t get a playback beyond 21:12 on the second disc. I downloaded it twice and still have the same problem. Is that so on the source disc? And if not, would it be possible for you to re-upload the whole thing? Thanks a lot anyway for this great DVD.

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