Happy Holidays & Some New Arrivals!

My holiday vacation begins today, and I plan to focus on posting here and at Gullveig between now and New Year’s Day…

Stay safe and healthy!

13 thoughts on “Happy Holidays & Some New Arrivals!

  1. Thank You Very Much For Every Shows You Posted For Us….This And Gullveig By Far One Of The Best Sites In The Internet….Happy Holidays 😀

  2. Great! Looking forward to hear and see those great Bootlegs 😊

    Happy Holidays for you and stay healthy! 😷

  3. Happy holidays! It seems that you have some very nice Christmas presents for us. And thanks for all the great presents that you have bestowed on us throughout this year. Happy holidays and all the best for a very purple and healthy 2021.

  4. Happy Holidays! Stay safe and healthy in these difficult times. Thank you for everything you’re sharing here, you’re like a real-world all-year altogether-much-better Santa Claus! 🙂
    Take care!

    P.s.: Looking forward to Endless Flame, I am aware of 4(!) different sources for that show, so I am interested which one this will be and how it will sound, of course.

  5. Happy holydays my friend! Thanks so much for share your bootlegs with us, my favorite site from the web! Thanks again from Brazil!

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