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  1. Amazing! Looking forward to see this Bootlegs here 🤗 Have a safe & happy new year my friend 😊 Thanks for all your great uploads this year 🙏🏼

  2. Well, this is a coincidence! I was just observing a bootleg release of “Rainbow Santiago 1996” and I hope that your version is even more superior in sound. As far as I found out, the date is not 26th but 27th of june 1996. Here is what I read in the description:

    “Santiago, Chile, on 26th June 1996. The show was recorded for live FM Radio Broadcast across the country, and it featured too on TV there. Including a quite stunning track-list and an ambiance that defies belief, it remains a fan favourite almost 30 years since this spectacular concert was performed. The concert however remains unreleased on CD or DVD until now, when this 2 Disc Set features the entire radio broadcast for the first time.

    DISC 1
    1. INTRO: Over the Rainbow (1.53)
    2. Too Late for Tears (5.02)
    3. Long Live Rock and Roll (8.46)
    4. Mistreated (8.45)
    5. Wolf to the Moon (10.12)
    6. Still I’m Sad (5.36)
    7. Man on the Silver Mountain (5.31)

    DISC 2
    1. Temple of the King (6.44)
    2. Black Masquerade (6.29)
    3. Ariel (7.18)
    4. Since You’ve Been Gone (1.07)
    5. Hall of the Mountain King (6.35)
    6. Perfect Strangers (7.01)
    7. Maybe Next Time (1.50)
    8. Burn (4.36)
    9. Smoke on the Water (8.45)

    So, I’m looking forward for this one!

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