Rainbow 1996-06-27 Santiago 1996 – FM Broadcast (Shades)

Teatro Monumental
Santiago, Chile

Santiago 1996 – FM Broadcast
Shades 1203

Soundboard recording

Extracted to FLAC from original bootleg discs via EZ CD Audio Converter

101 Over The Rainbow
102 Too Late For Tears
103 Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
104 Mistreated
105 Wolf To The Moon
106 Difficult To Cure
107 Keyboards Solo
108 Still I’m Sad
109 Drums Solo
110 Man On The Silver Mountain
201 Temple Of The King
202 Black Masquerade
203 Ariel
204 Since You Been Gone
205 Perfect Strangers
206 Hall Of The Mountain King
207 Maybe Next Time
208 Burn
209 Smoke On The Water

Artwork included.

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12 thoughts on “Rainbow 1996-06-27 Santiago 1996 – FM Broadcast (Shades)

  1. Thank you! Finally I got hold of it, it is a pity that it is not available on silverdiscs, but only 2cdr. It should have, because this is for me the best soundboard of the Doogie White period. The performance is in any case much better than the FM show of Hollywood March 18, 1997. The radio show of Stockholm October 2, 1995 is also excellent, but that has only 9 songs. And unlike the official Black Masquerade of Dusseldorf October 9th 1995, this show does contain Mistreated and Maybe Next Time.

    Now I’m looking forward to the latest version of Roger’s Birthday Party from November 30, 1979, which would have a better sound.

  2. Hello. First thanks for the upload. What is funny, that recordings of 96 sounds much worser than a lot of recordings from 76.
    I am also curiousl about the latest version of Roger’s Birthday Party from November 30, 1979 – all recordings before had a bad sound.

  3. Hello,friends i have problems to dl this great concert by Rainbow,if possible plese
    repost file
    Thanks in advance

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